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Msports Racing

Bill Moore, President Msports Inc., is a Trans AM TA2 and SCCA GT-2 National Driver. He has over 42 years of diverse on track high performance driving experience and over 23 years of racing experience. This experience includes: Trans Am TA2, Craftsman Truck, NASCAR, S2000, SRF, Legends, Porsche Instructor, Police Pursuit Instructor, Extreme Experience Supercar Instructor and SCCA - GT-2, T2, SRF, ITA, ITB, ITS cars.


Msports Inc. began in 2001 to provide the racing industry answers to complicated racing challenges with sound engineering judgment. Msports Services provides race car cage fabrication and welding, weight balancing and professional racecar driver education.

Bill drives a  Howe TA2™ Chevrolet Camaro. Msports uses the Katech Choice LS-3 engine with  approximately 490HP. 



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