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Driver Education

Msports Racing offers comprehensive driver education with over 19 years of driver education experience. This includes individual private instruction, Porsche/BMW/Corvette/Audi Club DE training, SCCA Novice training, Police Pursuit Training, Hooked on Driving, Xtreme Xperience and PittRace Track instructing.


Speed will personally instruct you on either Nelson's Ledges/Pittrace or Mid Ohio race tracks. Other locations are available.

Driver Education Package Options:

 1. One on One Driver education and coaching: Perfect for drivers schools or building confidence during open track days.

 2. Race Car setup coaching: systematically eliminate the car variables that cost seconds a lap can mean the difference between winning and loosing.

3. Data Analysis: Interpreting your data and video for faster lap times. I can be remote or at the track.

After a morning baseline run, if I cannot make you at least 1.5 seconds per lap faster, the training is free! This is the single best investment you can make in reducing lap times - you!

Driving instruction is conducted in customer vehicle. 

Rates are $375 per day plus expenses with your car.

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