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The Race Team

Phil Lindeman Profile.jpg

Phil Lindeman

Phil has over 10 years racing experience on the Msports Team, working on three cars so far. He is an expert electrician and diagnosis all things electrical. He works on overall car support, brakes, clutch and bearings. Phil caught the racing bug in his 30's, and is making up for lost time with his enthusiasm. He is an avid historian of all things racing and the Titanic!

Jeff Hill Profile.JPG

Jeff Hill

2022 marks the third season with the Msports Team. Jeff brings strategy, out of the box thinking to the team. He focuses on tires and car support. Jeff is hopeful for safe and winning 2022 season! 

Dennis Jeffrey Profile.jpg

Dennis Jeffrey

Dennis has loved competitive driving since he was a kid. His passion for racing led to racing amateur motocross for many years. He joined the University of Akron SAE Formula SAE Team, races mountain bikes, and a member of Msports Team. 

KT Moore Profile.jpg

Katelyn Moore

Katie, "Money Lady" handles all logistics, planning, tire changes, radios and data. She grew up in racing and is looking forward to a safe/winning season.


Don Rennie

Don served on the USS Graylink (646) at the height of the Cold War and was responsible as the electrical plant operator and nuclear reactor shutdown operator. He worked for Allegheny Power Hatfield as a mechanic and electrician.  He brings his skills to Msports and focuses on suspension set up, tires, fuel and enjoys Kraken.  

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